TOC: The Americas, 77:4 (Oct., 2020)

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TOC: The Americas, 77:4 (Oct., 2020)


Szoblik, Katarzyna. Traces of the Aztec Cultural Memory Registered in the Sixteenth-Century Songs and Chronicles: the case of Tlacahuepan. Pp. 513-37. (Open Access)


Ramos, Cristina. Caring for pobres dementes: Madness, Colonization, and the Hospital de San Hipólito in Mexico City, 1567-1700. Pp. 539-71.


Cant, Anna. Vivir mejor: radio education in rural Colombia (1960-80). Pp. 573-600.


Rueda, Claudia. ¡A La Huelga!: Secondary Students, School Strikes and the Power of Educational Activism in 1970s Nicaragua. Pp. 601-31.



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