QUERY: Advice on designing a new course on "Hispanic (Latino) America"?

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Dear Neteros,

I recently decided to offer a new course on the history of Hispanic peoples in North America, from the era of Iberian colonization in places like  Florida, Texas, NM & California through the second half of the 20th century, covering the experiences of major groups such as Mexican-Americans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans; I might also touch on migrations from Latin America since the 80s.

As this is quite different from my usual courses on Latin American history, I would be grateful for any suggestions or advice on materials to include, e.g. books, films, websites or on approaches to take.  I recently started viewing the 2013 PBS series Latino-Americans and will likely incorporate it.  Most students at my institution--the U. of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, AL)--are unfamiliar with anything having to do with Latin America or Latinos generally so I'm especially interested in strategies that will pique their curiosity and show the topic's relevance to contemporary concerns about diversity,inclusion and the multicultural origins of the U.S..  

Please send your thoughts/ideas directly to my e-mail below.

Many thanks in advance,

Pam Murray