CFP: Editora HUCITEC, Conexão e Ideias

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Prezadxs Colegas,
Paulo Teixeira Iumatti and I just launched a new collection called Conexões e Ideias with HUCITEC, an award-winning São Paulo-based publishing house. We look forward to publishing new and exciting works in Portuguese. Please share with anyone who might be interested and feel free to write me if you have any questions.
The collection Conexões e Ideias brings perspectives from around the world to bear on Brazil, contributing to understanding the country in its international dimensions from the colonial period to the present. Encompassing a plurality of theoretical, geographical, and temporal frameworks, it privileges research undertaken in transnational contexts and that examines Brazil in its global dimensions. Conexões e Ideias will publish works that help to reflect upon Brazil and its spaces of interconnection, especially those that are currently unavailable in Portuguese. The collection welcomes works that consider Brazil’s importance as a source of ideas or an object of research for questions of broader relevance for the present, well beyond its borders.
As part of the collection, we have funding to pay for the translation and publication of an unpublished work. The competition is open here:
Ian Merkel
Independent Scholar
Ph.D., NYU/USP, 2018