QUERY: Online Resources & Archives for Research on Latin America "remote"

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Dear fellow H-LatAmericanists,

I might not be the first facing this problem, but investigation can be quite problematic during this these covid-19-times, where travels are restricted and most institutions are closed.

Nevertheless, I have to keep on working on my doctoral thesis on the history and transformation of the public transport of La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia and I wasn't too successful getting access to ressources online so far. (If anyone's interested in the topic of my thesis: https://www.kritis.tu-darmstadt.de/rtg_kritis/members_kritis/phd_students_kritis/hoess.en.jsp)

Does anyone of you have recommendations how to deal with this or online collections, archives or hermerotecas that have their sources digitalized? How do you / others proceed?

I was supposed to travel to La Paz for research purposes but this is now postponed for an indefinite period, but nevertheless I need to keep working.

I would be very happy to get some help from this community here!

Kind Regards,



Dear Laura,

You may need to be a bit more specific about the type of resources that you are seeking. In my experience a good point to start is checking what universities in Bolivia have already done about the topic - typically research produced within Latin American academia is open access. Getting in touch with the researchers or research groups can also help get a better picture of what you may be able to find. Public libraries/archives usually have some online materials, again my experience is that of a large variation between countries, insitutions and topics.

Best regards,

Hi Sebastián,

Thank you so much for your answer. To be a bit more specific, I am especially looking for Bolivian newspapers, that I can access digitally, with a focus on coverage of the following years / topics:

- the years 1975-1978 and the legislative of Mario Mercado Vaca Guzmán as Mayor of La Paz,
- 1985-1991 (Ronald MacLean Abaroa as Mayor of La Paz)
- the years 1999 (with special focus on the municipal elections in 2010) until 2014 (from there on it's quite easy to access articles online)
- local politics, urban development / transportation

Also I'm looking for two feasibility studies that were done to compare different ideas of solution for public transport in La Paz:
- Gustavo Medeiros Anaya, Terese Gisbert, Evelyn Clark, Ramiro Bedregal: Casco Urbano Central. La Paz 1978 („Estudios Nueva Visión“)
- Ralph Gakenheimer: Study "Report on Proposals for the La Paz Mass Transit System". Boston 1986.

Best regards,