ANN: Podcasts of Interest to Latin Americanist to May 23

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Podcasts of interest to Latin American Historians to May 23


New Books Network:

Victor Uribe-Uran. Fatal Love: Spousal Killers, Law, and Punishment in the Late Colonial Spanish Atlantic –

Louis A. Perez. Rice in the Time of Sugar: The Political Economy of Food in Cuba.


Robert A. Karl. Forgotten Peace: Reform, Violence and the Making of Contemporary Colombia



Dig Podcast – Recogimiento: Virginity, Enclosure, and Female Virtue in Colonial Latin America



This day in History Podcasts


May 24, Trotsky assassination attempt:



May 20, Cuban Independence from the US:


May 15, Maria Reiche born (Nazca line fame):


Plus the Historias podcasts listed a few days ago.


John F. Schwaller

Editor, H-Latam