Ann: La Esperanza, Claretian Spanish Language Magazine Digitized

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La Esperanza was a national Catholic Spanish-language publication in Los Angeles, California. Sponsored by the Claretians, the weekly magazine began in 1929 and ended in 1955.  The publication’s content focused on Catholic topics relevant to the United States Spanish-speaking population. Directed toward the Mexican community, the magazine printed many articles about the Church-State crisis as well as news from the homeland. Initially, parishioners at Claretian churches were the subscribers, but soon, the magazine became available to a national audience. The magazine reflects the Mexican communities’ adaptation of United States culture.

This transnational viewpoint provides a unique perspective for the reader. This exceptional publication offers a great opportunity for scholars to uncover the Spanish-speaking communities’ activities during the first half of the twentieth century.

La Esperanza is digitally available at , a project of the Catholic Research Resources Alliance, a non-profit alliance of archives and libraries collaborating in support of the mission to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources.

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