QUERY: Looking for mid-20th century populist but comedic Latin American novella or short story collection

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Dear Colleagues,

For a film & history class on Latin America next semester, I'm looking for a mid-20th century (1930-1960) satirical/comedic novella or set of short stories about the plight of ordinary Latin Americans, to pair with films such as "Let's Go with Pancho Villa!," "Black Orpheus," and "Los inundados."  I'm most familiar with Azuela, Rulfo, Ramos, etc -- all written in a more tragic mode.  I may still go with something like that for the contrast, but I'd like to know my options in the satirical/comedic mode before deciding.  Would also be interested in a (single author) collection that employs both tragic and comedic modes in different stories.

Thanks very much for any suggestions! 

Brian Bockelman
Dept. of History
Ripon College

Arráncame la Vida (Libro y Película).