CFP: "Integrating Latin American Diplomatic and Intellectual History, 1810s-1970s" (WISC, Buenos Aires, 2020)

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CFP: "Integrating Latin American Diplomatic and Intellectual History, 1810s-1970s" (WISC, Buenos Aires, 2020; )

Conference name: WISC, Sixth Global International Studies Conference
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 15-17 July, 2020

Section 129: "Integrating Latin American Diplomatic and Intellectual History, 1810s-1970s"
Section Chairs: Ori Preuss and Juan Pablo Scarfi
Submission deadline: December 15, 2019


An intimate relationship between diplomacy and intellectual life has been a dominant feature of modern Latin America, where men and women of letters, academics, and legal experts played a prominent role in the elaboration and execution of, and reflection on, the foreign policy of their individual countries, as well as the continent as a whole. In fact, one can claim for a tradition of the ‘diplomat-intellectual—who was linked interactively to the sphere of foreign policy due to their very training and experience in literature, journalism, law or the social sciences—a link that formed part of a general symbiosis between writing and governing in nineteenth century Latin America. While the advance of modernity brought about professionalization of intellectual activities, thereby contributing to an incipient separation between the state and written culture, the relationship between the two remained strong, and in what concerns diplomacy, it even intensified. However, this interrelationship remains a relatively neglected aspect of Latin American diplomatic history, an area of study still largely dominated by traditional approaches. The latter have moved along a separate path not only from cultural history broadly conceived, but also from closer fields such as literary studies, intellectual history, and the history of ideas. This section aims to integrate these departing paths. Proposals may focus on individual careers, formal and informal networks, cultural-political projects, key texts, among other topics. The section focuses upon international relations within Latin America, though unusually interesting proposals about the relations between Latin America and other parts of the world will be considered too.

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Ori Preuss
Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Juan Pablo Scarfi
National University of San Martín, Argentina