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Home Office Notices (Jobs, Reviews)
November 18, 2019

The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
11 Nov 2019 and 18 Nov 2019.

Reviewed for H-War by Sharmishtha Roychowdhury
   Streets-Salter, Heather.  _World War One in Southeast Asia:
   Colonialism and Anticolonialism in an Era of Global Conflict_.
   Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.  xii + 236 pp.
   $29.99, ISBN 978-1-316-50109-2.

Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by John Lidwell-Durnin
   Porter, Theodore M..  _Genetics in the Madhouse: The Unknown
   History of Human Heredity_.  Princeton: Princeton University
   Press, 2018.  Illustrations. xii + 447 pp.  $35.00, ISBN 978-0-691-

Reviewed for H-Low-Countries by Andrew J. Kettler
   Helmers, Helmer J.; Janssen, Geert H., eds..  _Cambridge Companion
   to the Dutch Golden Age, The_.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge
   University Press, 2018.  xix + 428 pp.  $29.99, ISBN 978-1-316-

Reviewed for H-Disability by Alice Brumby
   Taylor, Barbara.  _Last Asylum: A Memoir of Madness in Our Times,
   The_.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015.  320 pp.
   $20.00, ISBN 978-0-226-27392-1.

Reviewed for H-Africa by Harrouna Malgoubri
   Gamble, Harry.  _Contesting French West Africa: Battles over
   Schools and the Colonial Order, 1900-1950_.  Lincoln: University
   of Nebraska Press, 2017.  378 pp.  $50.00, ISBN 978-0-8032-9549-0.

Reviewed for H-Genocide by Grace Leksana
   Melvin, Jess.  _Army and the Indonesian Genocide: Mechanics of
   Mass Murder, The_.  Routledge, 2018.  xxv + 319 pages.  $145.00,
   ISBN 978-1-138-57469-4.

Reviewed for H-NewMexico by Carter Jones Meyer
   Ebright, Malcolm; Hendricks, Rick.  _Pueblo Sovereignty: Indian
   Land and Water in New Mexico and Texas_.  Norman: University of
   Oklahoma Press, 2019.  260 pp.  $45.00, ISBN 978-0-8061-6199-0.

Reviewed for H-SHGAPE by Andrew Seal
   Maggor, Noam.  _Brahmin Capitalism: Frontiers of Wealth and
   Populism in America's First Gilded Age_.  Cambridge: Harvard
   University Press, 2017.  Illustrations, graphs. 304 pp.  $39.95,
   ISBN 978-0-674-97146-2.

Reviewed for H-Judaic by C. Lynn Carr
   Sands, Roberta G..  _Spiritual Transformation of Jews Who Become
   Orthodox, The_.  Albany: SUNY Press, 2019.  Tables. xiii + 297 pp.
   $85.00, ISBN 978-1-4384-7429-8.

Reviewed for H-FedHist by Heather McNamee
   Perkins, J. Blake.  _Hillbilly Hellraisers: Federal Power and
   Populist Defiance in the Ozarks_.  Working Class in American
   History Series. Urbana: University of Illinois, 2017.
   Illustrations. xi + 277 pp.  $95.00, ISBN 978-0-252-04137-2.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Patricia Harms
   Marino, Katherine M..  _Feminism for the Americas: The Making of
   an International Human Rights Movement_.  Chapel Hill: University
   of North Carolina Press, 2019.  368 pp.  $34.95, ISBN 978-1-4696-

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Derek Sheridan
   Hubbert, Jennifer.  _China in the World: An Anthropology of
   Confucius Institutes, Soft Power, and Globalization_.  Honolulu:
   University of Hawai‘i Press, 2019.  viii + 234 pp.  $68.00, ISBN

Reviewed for H-Nationalism by Mathias Fuelling
   Drake, Richard.  _Charles Austin Beard: The Return of the Master
   Historian of American Imperialism_.  Ithaca: Cornell University
   Press, 2018.  336 pp.  $42.95, ISBN 978-1-5017-1516-7.

Reviewed for H-Judaic by Alan T. Levenson
   Lehnardt, Andreas, ed..  _Judaistik im Wandel: Ein halbes
   Jahrhundert Forschung und Lehre über das Judentum  in
   Deutschland_.  Berlin: De Gruyter, 2017.  vi + 239 pp.  $80.99,
   ISBN 978-3-11-052103-0.

Reviewed for H-Urban by Pepper Stetler
   Paeslack, Miriam.  _Constructing Imperial Berlin: Photography and
   the Metropolis_.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press,
   2019.  216 pp.  $30.00, ISBN 978-1-5179-0295-7.

Reviewed for H-Urban by Benjamin Fraser
   Bermúdez, Silvia; Geist, Anthony L., eds..  _Cartographies of
   Madrid: Contesting Urban Space at the Crossroads of the Global
   South and Global North_.  Hispanic Issues Series. Nashville:
   Vanderbilt University Press, 2019.  232 pp.  $39.95, ISBN 978-0-

Reviewed for H-Early-America by Lisa A. Francavilla
   Crane, Elaine Forman.  _Poison Plot: A Tale of Adultery and Murder
   in Colonial Newport, The_.  Ithaca: Cornell University Press,
   2018.  264 pp.  $32.95, ISBN 978-1-5017-2131-1.

Reviewed for H-War by Owen P. Flanagan
   Myers, Michael W..  _Pacific War and Contingent Victory: Why
   Japanese Defeat Was Not Inevitable, The_.  Lawrence: University
   Press of Kansas, 2015.  x + 198 pp.  $39.95, ISBN 978-0-7006-2087-

Reviewed for H-War by Eric Lizon
   Sykes, L. R..  _Silencing the Bomb: One Scientist's Quest to Halt
   Nuclear Testing_.  New York: Columbia University Press, 2018.  304
   pp.  $35.00, ISBN 978-0-231-18248-5.

Reviewed for H-Empire by Amanda Lagji
   Gandhi, Leela.  _Postcolonial Theory: A Critical Introduction:
   Second Edition_.  New York: Columbia University Press, 2019.  xv +
   275 pp.  $26.00, ISBN 978-0-231-17839-6.