TOC: Hispanic American Historical Review 99:3 (August 2019)

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Published in cooperation with the Conference on Latin American History of the American Historical Association.



Alejandro García-Montón, "The  Rise of Portobelo and the Transformation of the Spanish American Slave Trade, 1640s-1730s: Transimperial Connections and Intra-American Shipping," pp. 399-429

Anne Eller, "Raining Blood: Spiritual Power, Gendered Violence, and Anticolonial Lives in the Nineteenth-Century Dominican Borderlands," pp. 431-465

Mikael D. Wolfe, "The Climate of Conflict: Politico-environmental Press Coverage and the Eruption of the Mexican Revolution, 1907-1911," pp. 467-499

Joshua Savala, "Ports of Transnational Labor Organizing: Anarchism along the Peruvian-Chilean Littoral, 1916-1928," pp. 501-531


Obituary, pp. 533-537


Book Reviews, pp. 539-588


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