CFP: "Immigrant Political Participation in the Global South" 2020 IV ISA Forum of Sociology of the International Sociological Association

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Dear all,

I am looking for panelists to a panel I am organizing for the 2020 IV ISA Forum of Sociology of the International Sociological Association. This conferece will be in Porto Alegre, Brazil between July 14-18. To submit an abstract please click here: Abstract Submission  Deadline for submitting abstract is September 30th, 2019. 

Title of the Panel: "Immigrant Political Participation in the Global South / Participación Política Inmigrante en el Sur Global"

Hosted by RC31 Sociology of Migration in a joint session with RC18 Political Sociology

Abstract:  In this session we seek to discuss multiple experiences of immigrant political participation in the Global South. Political participation is one of the key markers of immigrant integration, as the works of Irene Bloemraad, Michael Jones-Correa, Rodolfo de la Garza and many others have proven. In most cases, these studies are centered on voting practices in contexts where voting rights are given only after the immigrant becomes a citizen. The 2006 immigration protest in the United States, however, showed that immigrants are strong political actors despite their citizenship status. Research on immigrant political participation also are mostly located within the global north. This session seeks to expand research on political participation by looking at multiple aspects of how immigrants engage and participate in political actions and activities within the Global South. Paper are accepted in English and Spanish.

Will be crossposting in H-Migration and other websites.