CFP: AHILA 2024: The land question between Latin America and Europe

Hanne Cottyn Discussion

We welcome paper proposals for the panel “The land question between Latin America and Europe: conceptualisation, tenure regimes, peasant practices and socio-environmental relations (1850-1950)” (Simposio La cuestión de la tierra entre América Latina y Europa: conceptualización, regímenes de tenencia, practicas campesinas y relaciones socio-ambientales (1850- 1950)).

XX Congress of AHILA (Asociación de Historiadores Latinoamericanistas Europeos), Naples, Italy (Università di Napoli L'Orientali), September 2-6, 2024.


This symposium explores the historical processes and the debates that have shaped the land question between Latin America and Europe, from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century and brings together scholars investigating the land question from different perspectives, such as economic and environmental history, social and cultural history, among others. The expansion of 'commodification frontiers' led to profound transformations in the relationship between peasants, land, and the environment, in the Americas and in Europe. This radical change led to different responses by governments and peasants to the “land question”. In this context, we want to investigate how different tenure regimes (collective/community, private, cooperative) and the practices of different actors (communities and peasant associations, land workers, public institutions, private intermediaries, movements, among others) changed in relation to agrarian reforms, and the environmental impact due to the extraction, dispossession or accumulation of resources. We welcome contributions on cross-border and transcontinental regions, countries, or communities -indigenous or not- that can contribute to the investigation of the processes of exchange of ideas and peasant practices in Latin American regions or between Latin America and Europe.

Paper proposals can be sent by email to the coordinators of the panel:

Proposals should include: Name and institutional affiliation, title of the paper, an abstract of max. 300 words, a CV of max. 200 words, and your email address.

The deadline for submitting paper proposals closes on September 15, 2023.

More information via the website of the conference: