ANN: Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists, to 28 February 2023

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Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists, to 28 February 2023 

New Books Network

Caroline Dodds Pennock--On Savage Shores: How Indigenous Americans Discovered Europe


Adrian Fraser--The 1935 Riots in St Vincent: From Riots to Adult Suffrage


Chris Bongie--The Colonial System Unveiled by Baron de Vastey: Translated and edited by Chris Bongie


Freddy Prestol Castillo. Translated by Margaret Randall--You Can Cross the Massacre on Foot


Helen Yaffe--We Are Cuba!: How a Revolutionary People Have Survived in a Post-Soviet World


Sarah Foss--On Our Own Terms: Development and Indigeneity in Cold War Guatemala


Lurgio Gavilán Sánchez. Translated by Margaret Randall--When Rains Became Floods: A Child Soldier’s Story


New Books Network – español

Octavio Spindola Zago--Labor omnia vincit: Chipilo, entre el fascismo trasnacional y el estado posrevolucionario, 1907-1982


Miguel Valerio--Sovereign Joy: Afro-Mexican Kings and Queens, 1539-1640


Carolina Román--Consumo y niveles de vida en el Cono Sur sudamericano (1870s-1950s)


David Díaz Arias--Chicago boys del trópico: Historia del neoliberalismo en Costa Rica (1965-2000)


Wilson Center

Haiti’s Unending Tragedy


How Misinformation is Poisoning Brazilian Democracy


Latin America in Focus (AS/COA)

Can a Lawsuit Stem Spyware Use in Central America?



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