ANN: Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists, to 31 January 2023

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Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists, to 31 January 2023 

New Books Network

Enrique Desmond Arias--A Left Turn? The Politics of Latin America Today: A Discussion with Enrique Desmond Arias


Mark A. Schneegurt--Anthology of Religious Poetry from the Mexican Inquisition Trials of 16th-Century CryptoJews


Diana Montaño--The History of Electricity in Mexico: A Discussion with Diana Montaño


Frank Wolff--Yiddish Revolutionaries in Migration: The Transnational History of the Jewish Labour Bund


Elizabeth Farfán-Santos--Undocumented Motherhood: Conversations on Love, Trauma, and Border Crossing


Sharon Milagro Marshall--Tell My Mother I Gone to Cuba: Stories of Early Twentieth-century Migration from Barbados


Paulina Laura Alberto, George Reid Andrews, and Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof--Voices of the Race: Black Newspapers in Latin America, 1870-1960


New Books Network – español

Leonardo Ordoñez Díaz--Ríos que cantan, árboles que lloran: imágenes de la selva en la narrativa hispanoamericana


Pablo A. Piccato--Historia mínima de la violencia en México


Víctor M. Uribe Urán--Amores fatales: Homicidas conyugales, derecho y castigo a finales del periodo colonial en el Atlántico español


Wilson Center

A Week of Contrasts: The North American Leaders Summit and Violence in Brasília


Is Brazilian Democracy at Risk?


Alta Mar

Breakdown in Brazil


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