QUERY: Panel on Visual Representations in Business History for the BHC 2023

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Dear colleagues,

I hope this finds you all well. I am interested in putting together a panel on visual representations in business history (broadly defined) for the Business History Conference 2023. My paper would examine how strategies of data visualization helped make economic data visible and narratives of economic growth legible to global audiences by studying the cases of Buenos Aires and São Paulo in the early twentieth century. If you are interested in joining the panel, please contact me at paula.vedoveli@fgv.br or on Twitter @paulavedoveli.

I am also interested in connecting with scholars working on related themes--if you would like to chat, please drop me a line.   

I wish you all a great week.

Kind regards,

Paula Vedoveli

Assistant Professor of History

Fundação Getulio Vargas (São Paulo, Brazil)

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