TOC: The New American Antiquarian, Volume I (Fall 2022), Now Available

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The New American Antiquarian (NAA), a new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to reconstructing the hemispheric American past to 1825 A.D. through the publication of edited source material, is pleased to announce the publication of its inaugural issue. The issue can be downloaded in full or by article on NAA's website ( Click here to view the full issue.

The contents of this issue are as follows:


Mission Statement | Forum

Call for Papers | Forum

Peter Jakob Olsen-Harbich, Towards a New American Antiquarianism: Basic Research, Aesthetics, and the Irrelevant Early American Past” | Forum

George Aaron Broadwell & Alejandra Dubcovsky, Hearing a Faint Voice: Timucua Words in a Catholic Miracle Story”

Francis Young, Letters of Thomas Hatton from Williamsburg, Virginia, 1758-1759″

Simeon A. Simeonov, “Reception and Antiquation in the Haitian Revolution”


For its future issues, the NAA solicits submissions submissions of previously unpublished manuscript transcriptions; new English translations; collations of printed material; guides or catalogs that aid in the interpretation of source collections; and scholarship that interrogates the American archive. We welcome submissions of textual sources in any language, and of scholarship written in Spanish or French, though all publications will eventually be printed in English. Submissions should be sent to Full submission instructions and style guides can be found at: