CFP: Africans and Global Military Cooperation Through the Ages

Roy Doron Discussion
Call for Papers
August 31, 2022
North Carolina, United States
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African History / Studies, Military History, Black History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, World History / Studies

Africans and Global Military Cooperation Through the Ages
Call for Papers for the Journal of African Military History

African countries and their peoples have been involved in military affairs around the world since the beginning of recorded history. From African auxiliaries serving the Early Modern Portuguese Empire and Siddi soldiers forming a critical and storied part of South Asian armies in the
precolonial centuries to the hundreds of thousands of Africans that served in the World Wars and even the Kagnew Battalion’s service in the Korean War, Africans have been present across a wide spectrum of global conflicts. Despite this, the Eurocentric nature of Military History,
coupled with the unpalatability for military matters in African studies has helped to actively erase Africans and their militaries from the legacy of global military history.

This call for papers for a special issue of the Journal of African Military History and possible edited volume seeks to reevaluate Africans', and their descendants in the diaspora, role in shaping military cooperation and show that Africans and their ideas have been instrumental in the development of military thought throughout the long durée. We also anticipate a panel stream at the 2023 Meeting of the Society for Military History in San Diego, California on 23-26 March, 2023. 
We welcome topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Africa in global and regional peacekeeping in the 20 th century
  • African militaries and the Cold War
  • Global involvement in African liberation movements
  • African-European military cooperation in the 19 th century
  • European involvement in African wars during the period of the Slave Trade
  • Africans and Global Logistics
  • Diasporic connections in global military cooperation
  • African Diplomacy in War
  • Global Diplomacy in African Wars
  • Gender and the Military on a global scale
  • Food and the Military
  • African Military Presence and Human/Civil Rights Movements
  • Operational Histories of African Military involvement abroad
  • Technology and Adaptation
  • Case studies for cooperation
  • African Historical perspectives on Globalizing Military Thought

For consideration, please submit the following:
1. An abstract
2. A one page CV that highlights publications and other research (this is imperative for inclusion to the conference)
3. Detailed contact information
All materials are due by August 31, 2022 to:
Roy Doron

Charles G. Thomas

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