TOC: The Americas 79:3 (July 2022)

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TOC: The Americas, 79:3 (July 2022)


Rebecca J. Scott. CLAH Distinguished Service Award Luncheon Address: “Transcription, Translation, and Collaboration,” pp. 393-398.

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Wood, James. "Order and Disorder in the Court: Press Law, Politics, and the Sedition Trials of Chile's Early Republic, 1813-1851,"  pp. 425-456.


Correa Ochoa, Laura.  “Manuel Zapata Olivella, Racial Politics and Pan-Africanism in Colombia in the 1970s,” pp. 457-489.


Stegeman, John. “Double Blind: Alejandro Lipschütz and the Failure of Transnational Indigenismo in Chile,” pp. 491-519.


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