ANN: Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists, to 15 June 2022

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Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists, to 15 June 2022


New Books Network

Moises Lino e Silva--Minoritarian Liberalism: A Travesti Life in a Brazilian Favela


Lily Pearl Balloffet--Argentina in the Global Middle East


Lisa Blackmore and Liliana Gómez--Liquid Ecologies in Latin American and Caribbean Art


Reighan Gillam--Visualizing Black Lives: Ownership and Control in Afro-Brazilian Media


Andrew Chesnut--On Santa Muerte: A Discussion with Andrew Chesnut


Robert Chao Romero--Brown Church: Five Centuries of Latina/o Social Justice, Theology, and Identity


Marc Raboy--Looking for Alicia: The Unfinished Life of an Argentinian Rebel


New Books Network - español

Claudia Stern W.--Entre el cielo y el suelo: las identidades elásticas de las clases medias (Santiago de Chile, 1932-1962)


María Dolores Lorenzo, Tania Chávez y Leonor Ludlow--Los negocios y su dimensión especial: La ciudad de México en el directorio comercial de Jerónimo Figueroa Doménech, 1899


Cristina Alvizo Carranza y Elizabeth Cejudo Ramos (coord.)--Mujeres en el siglo XX mexicano: agentes del proceso histórico


Andrea Lluch y Erica Salvaj--Women may be climbing on board, but not in first class: A long-term study of the factors affecting women’s board participation in Argentina and Chile (1923–2010)


Latin America in Focus: AS/COA Online

Colombian Voters Buck the Presidential Status Quo


Alta Mar

The Globalization of Food Insecurity

(Guest Jack Nicas, the Brazil bureau chief for The New York Times)


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