CFP: Food Cultural Studies and the Transhispanic World (Proposals due Jan. 15, 2016)

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Call for Papers
January 15, 2016
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Call for Papers: Food Cultural Studies and the Transhispanic World

Proposals due January 15, 2016

We invite proposals for the special issue Food Cultural Studies and the Transhispanic World for a leading Hispanic Cultural Studies journal.

This collection of articles will demonstrate the diversity of approaches that cultural studies scholars use to explore discourses centered on food, cuisine, gastronomy, and agriculture in Peninsular, Latin American, and Latino/a cultural production. Food studies scholarship tends to give the Iberian Peninsula little critical attention, in spite of its centrality to the transatlantic exchanges that introduced iconic foodstuffs vital to the later development of many of Europe’s national cuisines. Likewise, cultural studies scholars who focus on Latin America, the Peninsula, and Latino/a communities in the US are just beginning to examine how food and its discourses offer tantalizing insights into the literary, political, social, and economic worlds of their periods of study. This issue aims to bring together a body of work that interrogates food, its discourses, and practices critically in order to delineate this emerging field.

As you will see, the issue’s focus is broad as we are keen to include a wide range of perspectives and approaches to this interdisciplinary field. Work on Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino/a cultural production is especially welcomed, as are contributions that engage the following topics,  

  • construction of national cuisines and ideological implications
  • food and the colonial project, post-colonial legacies
  • food and power relations/economic exploitation
  • cultural politics of cooking and eating
  • nation-building and nation-branding
  • prescription and re-description of gender roles
  • food as related to processes of modernisation/industrialisation
  • cooking, eating, and food related to regional rivalries, regional integration and/or separation
  • food-based stereotypes in comedic representations
  • orientalisation of gastronomic habits seen as exotic
  • eating and racial identity/racialized bodies
  • transnational foodways and food identities
  • discursive practices and food, gastronomy, and cooking

We invite article proposals (400-500 words) in Spanish or English. Due January 15, 2016, your proposal should include the title, your academic affiliation, and a brief bio (under 50 words). Acceptance will be provisional pending review by co-editors, the journal’s approval of the issue proposal, and eventual peer-review of the completed essays. We anticipate requesting completed manuscripts of 6,000 to 9,500 words, including all notes and bibliography, around July 1, 2016.

Please submit your proposal by email to Lara Anderson ( and Rebecca Ingram (

Lara Anderson (PhD University of Auckland) is Senior Lecturer in Spanish & Latin American Studies at the University of Melbourne. Rebecca Ingram (PhD Duke University) is Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of San Diego.

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Lara Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies, University of Melbourne (

Rebecca Ingram, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of San Diego (


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