TOC: The Americas 79:2 (April 2022)

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TOC: The Americas 79:2 (April 2022)


“Forging a Catholic Nation amidst a Secular State:

Catholic Mobilization and Contentious Politics in 20th-Century Mexico”


Co-editors: Gema Kloppe-Santamaría and Luis Herrán Ávila


Butler, Mathew. Introduction. “From Pious Lynchings and Fascist Salutes to a ‘Catholic 1968,’ Maoist Priests, and the Post-Cristero Apocalypse: Catholic Mobilizations in Twentieth-Century Mexico.” Pp. 181-196.


Kloppe-Santamaría, Gema. “Martyrs, Fanatics, and Pious Militants: Religious Violence and the Secular State in 1930s Mexico.” Pp. 197-227.


Young, Julia. “Fascists, Nazis, or Something Else? Mexico's Union Nacional Sinarquista in the U.S. Media, 1937-1945.” Pp. 229-261.


Pensado, Jaime. “The Silencing of Rebellious Priests in Cold War Mexico: The Case of Rodolfo Escamilla García.”  Pp. 263-289.


Puma, Jorge. “The Nazas-Aguanaval Group: Radical Priests, Catholic Networks, and Maoist Politics in Northern Mexico” Pp. 291-320.


Herrán-Ávila, Luis. “Las falsas derechas: Conflict and Convergence in Mexico’s Post-Cristero Right after the Second Vatican Council.” Pp. 321-350.


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