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Media, Gender and Sexualities Study Group, U of Tokyo (June 19)

Dear Colleagues:


The Media, Gender and Sexualities Study Group at the University of Tokyo will be holding an open presentation on June 19 at the Hongo campus. If you are in the Tokyo area, please feel free to join us. Thank you.


When Women Watch: The Subversive Feminist Potential of Female-Friendly Pornography in Japan



Alexandra Hambleton (Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Tokyo)



Re: TEACHING: History of the American City: Key Documents, Key Sites

I do my urban classes visually and virtually so I suggest giving students places they can use online such as image archives, film and video searches, as well as historical and classical materials (especially) books that are in public domain and can be read or downloaded freely. This way when the course is completed they can use what they've learned from you to pursue their interests. For example, Jacob Riis' works are online.