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CFP - Synagogues in the Islamic World

Call for paper proposals on "Synagogues in the Islamic World"
Deadline: June 15, 2014

With more than three millennia of history, the Jewish people have been
both a minority and an influential community of long standing within
the Islamic world, from Morocco to Indonesia.  The hundreds of
synagogues that are located in this part of the world are noted for
their rich and unique architecture.  These buildings were constructed
and developed under the influence of local trends or stylistic

Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

Some more recent publications on Lusophone Africa.

Remember to send news of your publications to ksheldon@ucla.edu.

Gisa Weszkalnys, “Anticipating Oil: The Temporal Politics of a Disaster Yet to Come,” The Sociological Review 62: S1 (2014): 211-235 (also published as chapter of the Sociological Review Monograph Disasters and Politics: Materials, Preparedness, Governance, ed. by Manuel Tironi, Israel Rodríguez-Giralt, Michael Guggenheim. Wiley-Blackwell) On São Tomé e Príncipe.

Re: The Economic Origins of American Liberties

Mr. Rosenfeld’s emphasis on economic considerations as *the* root cause of the American Revolution and of American liberties is too simplistic and misplaced.  Perhaps we can concede that economic considerations were a key cause, but, as Frederick Jackson Turner warned his graduate students, “There is no one cause for anything in history.”

CFP: Congresso Internacional: Municípios e Poderes Locais em África (Séculos XVI-XXI) / International Conference: Municipalities and Local Powers in Africa (16th – 21st Centuries)

Congresso Internacional
Municípios e Poderes Locais em África (Séculos XVI-XXI)

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
4 a 6 Novembro de 2014

Deadline: 30 Maio 2014
[For English version, see below]

O interesse académico pelas formas de poder local em África tem sido crescente desde os anos de 1990, em correlação com a emergência de movimentos de democratização no continente.

CFP: Rural Survival Skills in an Urban Setting

Title: Rural Survival Skills in an Urban Setting (Midwest Modern
       Language Association 2014, Detroit: Special Sessions)
    Location: Michigan
    Date: 2014-11-13
    Description: African American, American, and immigration
       literature for MMLA conference, "The Lives of Cities": In
       Tillie Olsens working class novel Yonnondio, the character Anna
       takes her children out, looking for empty lots where dandelions
       grew, so they may harvest dandelion greens. It is hereforaging
       for foo ...

CFP: Southern Studies Conference at Auburn University

Title: Southern Studies Conference at Auburn University
       Montgomery, 6-7 February 2015
    Location: Alabama
    Date: 2014-10-15
    Description: SOUTHERN STUDIES CONFERENCE at Auburn University
       Montgomery6-7 February 2015 Now in its seventh year, the AUM
       School of Liberal Arts invites panel and paper proposals on any
       aspect of Southern history from Civil War to Civil Rights, from
       dueling to NASCAR, from King Cotton to corn whiskey. This two-

CFP: Shaping Peace - Local Infrastructures and State Formation

Title: Call for Papers: Shaping Peace - Local Infrastructures and
       State Formation (Third Annual Conference of the International
       Association for Peace and Conflict Studies and the ECPR
       Standing Group on Critical Peace and Conflict Studies, 11-12
    Date: 2014-05-31
    Description: Call for Papers: Shaping Peace: Local Infrastructures
       and State Formation Call for papers for our Third Annual
       Conference of the International Association for Peace and

CFP: Rural Women's Studies Asssociation Triennial Conference

Title: Rural Women's Studies Asssociation Triennial Conference
    Location: Texas
    Date: 2014-05-15
    Description: CFP: The Local is Global: Gender and Rural
       Connections across Time and Place Rural Women's Studies
       Association Triennial ConferenceHosted by Texas State
       University, San Marcos, TexasConference dates: February 12-14,
       2015Submission deadline: May 15, 2014 The theme of the 2015
       conference The Local is  ...
    Contact: RWSA2015@gmail.com

Re: Museums and the Muse: The Future of Collections in a Digital Age

Thank you! I love that photo, too. It wasn't staged, actually--I was lost in a moment of discovery and Jim (chief curator of the Dittrick) snapped the shot. You are right, though; this near engagement is what we often long for. And, of course, because objects are sensitive and delicate, we often can't give people this kind of access. It is a privileged space that, in some ways, seems at odds with what we most hope to do--bring people in closer. I think that is one future of the digital in museums, to give people a more three-dimensional and up-close look at objects.