Winter 2022 Issue of the _Civil War Book Review_

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The Winter 2022 issue of the Civil War Book Review is now online! This issue is dedicated to books on institutional politics of the Civil War era. Politics has gained a capacious meaning in the field of American history. Rightly so, for in the era of this journal’s focus, the majority of Americans were disenfranchised and thus were forced to resort to politics out of doors and beyond the polls. Therefore, to better understand the politics of the Civil War era, historians have increasingly focused their scholarship on the ways Black Americans, women, Native Americans, and immigrants agitated for change outside the U.S. Capitol, the White House, and state legislatures. This rich political history from the bottom up has been cataloged in this journal, especially our Spring 2021 issue, which focused on Black Americans’ activism in the Civil War era. Nonetheless, investigating institutional politics and the “Great Men” who politicked remains an essential element of Civil War era studies. The books reviewed in this issue demonstrate that studying institutional politics continues to yield new insights, understandings, and perspectives on the Civil War era.

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