Black Women and Land during Reconstruction

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I'm doing research on the fight of freedpeople to get and hold land during and after reconstruction, highlighting the January 12, 1865 meeting between Gen. Sherman, War Sec. Stanton, and 20 Black male ministers in Savannah, Sherman's Special Order 15, and the struggle that resulted from that order. I'll be doing archival research in Savannah and interviews there and on the Georgia Sea Islands in a few months, but I'd like to get a better handle on the role of Black women in this fight before that.

It's difficult enough finding primary or even secondary material on more than a handful of Black men during that period, and, of course, material about the role of specific Black women is much harder. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


Hi Osha,

Have you looked at Karen Cook-Bell's *Claiming Freedom: Race, Kinship, and Land in Nineteenth Century Georgia* (University of South Carolina Press, 2018)? It might be a good model and offer some leads on how to approach your project.

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Lois Leveen, PhD

Thanks so much, Lois. This looks excellent!