Seeking panelists for 2021 Gulf South History & Humanities Conference

Kevin Johnson Discussion
October 7, 2021 to October 9, 2021
Mississippi, United States
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African American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Nationalism History / Studies, Race Studies, Political Science

I am seeking two or three co-panelists for the 2021 Gulf South History & Humanities Conference. The conference theme is war & society, and my paper proposal covers how Mississippi's civic-patriotic organizations and political leaders applied terms like "socialism" and "communism" to anything representing social change, social equality, or social justice in the mid-1940s through the Vietnam War era. My paper challenges mainstay interpretations of southern anticommunism as a tool or cudgel used to beat back proponents of a more racially inclusive society.

The conference location is Natchez, Miss., which makes it somewhat more affordable for those of us in the Gulf States region. It's also a good group of scholars with lots of time for socializing and taking in historical Natchez. The conference dates are Oct. 7-9, 2021, and panel proposal deadline is June 1, 2021 (so we still have some time).

Please reach out to me if you would like to help me form this panel and I can provide you with a more formal paper proposal. I might also need some help with finding a commentator, but I've got several people in mind who might want to help us with this panel. 

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(501) 882-8885

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