March Question of the Month

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Welcome to our Question of the Month series, which we hope will launch robust discussions about research, pedagogy, and practice in the study of women and gender in the U.S. South.  We also hope that subscribers from all backgrounds and at all stages of their careers will share ideas, insights, questions, and resources--just click the 'Post a Reply' button to join the conversation! 
This month we continue our series inspired by the recently published book Sisterly Networks: Fifty Years of Southern Women's Histories, edited by Catherine Clinton.
In her essay "Present at the Birth of a New History," Glenda Gilmore highlights the feminist mission of the SAWH from its inception.  What should the future of SAWH activism look like? 
If you have any questions or comments about the series or have any suggestions for our next Question of the Month, please email H-SAWH editor Jesse George-Nichol (  This series will also post to H-SAWH's Twitter feed at @HNetSAWH.