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Greetings, I am Robert Cassanello, an Associate Professor of History at the University of Central Florida. I am also incoming President here at H-Net. More importantly I have been a subscriber to H-Net since 1993 when I was a graduate student. H-Net was a digital space where I was able to enjoy communicating with people in my field of interest and develop professional networking linkages and other opportunities before I completed my Ph.D. I am pleased when I see graduate students and newly minted Ph.D.s  come to H-Net for those same opportunities I did in the 1990s. I can say with certainty, without H-Net as a place to launch my career I don’t know where I would be today.

For this reason, I decided to purchase two ads in support of H-Net’s fundraising campaign. In this pandemic the economic ripples are impacting organizations like H-Net. H-Net depends on Job Ad revenue for its budget to provide the digital space you have come accustomed to and the job market has been hit hard by the pandemic. We know the pandemic has hit us all personally as well, but please consider donating $5, $10 or $20 for this campaign. Or organize colleagues or even within your own H-Net networks to bundle or collaborate to pay for one or more ads across various people.

H-Net does not have a recurring institutional budget; its funding primarily comes from the revenue created from our Job Ad service. We are now over 50% toward our fundraising goal.  If we meet our goal it is because of you and we at H-Net thank you.

To donate by credit card online, please follow this link to the Support H-Net page:

Or send a check payable to H-Net:

H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online
Old Horticulture, Room 141H
506 East Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824




Robert Cassanello

President-Elect; H-Net Review Editor, H-Podcast; Network Editor, H-Florida




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Robert Cassanello, PhD (he/him/his)
Associate Professor of History
University of Central Florida
Department of History
12796 Aquarius Agora Dr.
Orlando, FL 32816-1350

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