K-12 Teaching Specialist

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My name is Laura Bergstrom and I'm honored to serve as the K-12 Teaching Specialist Editor for H-SAWH. Currently, I'm working on my Ph.D. dissertation at Purdue University. In addition to teaching college history for over 11 years, I also hold an Elementary Teaching License and Early Childhood Montessori Certification. I've taught many different age groups in a variety of settings. So I've had many adventures in teaching history!


Periodically, I'll be collecting resources and lesson plans related to southern women's history specifically for K-12 faculty. K-12 teachers need access to quality materials that align with state curriculum standards. My goal is to help enrich social studies and history curricula without overburdening our already over-burdened teachers.


I encourage you to respond here or email me (lbergstrom@ivytech.edu) with suggestions or ideas you'd like me to consider as the K-12 Teaching Specialist for H-SAWH. To get us started, feel free to send me your favorite web resource for teaching southern women's history to children.


Be on the lookout for a short survey from your new teaching editors. We'd like to know what ways we can serve you best. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you!