Query: The Woman's Era and The Women's Era

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I have seen a reference (e..g  Eric Foner's textbook, Give me Liberty) to the turn-of-the-20th century (1890-1920) as a time of female activism that "would later be called the 'women's era.'" (see ch. 17).  In the accompanying 4 paragraphs, he discusses the activism and groups of white women and black women.  He does describe the racism of white-dominated groups, although most of his discussion of black women's club work falls earlier in the chapter in a section called, "The Segregated South.'

I have a number of questions

Did white women, at the time, refer to the period as "the women's era"?  I don't mean did they use the consruct-but did they use the phrase?

And: is/was that an effort to take over the construct of "The Woman's Era" which was a national newspaper by and for black women founded in the 1890s by Josephine St, Pierre Ruffin, a member of the Woman's Era Club?

What historians (and when) called this period the "women's era" -- referrring either to both races or primarily white women?

I feel like I have seen the phrase the "women's era" used by historians.  It's a little search for (in America: History & Life or J-Stor) because a lot of the hits are for the ERA (i.e. Equal Rights Amendment). Feel free to point me to an embarassingly  obvious reference.  

I have also posted this query on H-women.

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