Reminder: H-SAWH Call for Editors

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H-SAWH is looking to expand our team of editors and invigorate our network content. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals at any stage of their career--including graduate students--to join a dynamic multimedia network, facilitate scholarly discussion, and provide valuable service to your field. 

Choose one or more of the following network projects related to gender and the U.S. South. Projects can be scaled up or down to fit the needs of the volunteer.

  • Resource Recommendations: A monthly list of recommended readings, films, podcasts, website or other resources.

  • Blogger: A monthly blog, vlog, or podcast that explores topical issues. Content could be lengthy explorations or micro-reflections of various topics.

  • Teaching Specialist: Curating a teaching toolkit of lesson plans, activities, and assignments self-created, or collected from the internet and our members. 

  • Social Media Editor: Launch and manage a Twitter or Instagram account, produce content, share related content, spark interest and facilitate discussion. 

  • Network Newsletter: Solicit and publish professional news and announcements from H-SAWH members, such as publications, presentations, and awards.

  • Website Updates: Create new or update existing content on our homepage, such as teaching and research resources, and other menu options.  

  • Review Editor: Commission and edit book reviews. H-Net handles mailings and copy-editing, provides training on editorial best practices, and maintains an internal system for advice and technical support for review editors. Review Editors have discretion, within the bounds of editorial policies, over which books they commission reviews of and who to contact as a reviewer.  A Ph.D. is required for this position; applicants should have good organizational skills and knowledge of the scholars working in their area of specialization.

  • Create your own project!

Editors undergo a short online training, agree to a two-year commitment, and abide by H-Net’s constitution, bylaws, and policies. Learn more about the qualities of network editors here.   

If you are interested in joining H-SAWH’s volunteer team of editors, email Wendy Braun ( by May 30, 2020 with your CV and a brief explanation about why you want to become an editor, including any ideas you might have for the network.