Women's Philanthropy Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

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The goals of the WPI Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship are to increase research and understanding of gender and philanthropy, contribute to building the field of study of gender and philanthropy, and support and encourage emerging scholars in their study of gender and philanthropy.

PLEASE NOTE: Philanthropy is VERY broadly defined.

The WPI Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship embodies the interdisciplinary strengths of the field of philanthropic studies. Funding for additional research and dissertation writing is difficult to obtain; for emerging scholars this fellowship fills a much needed gap. The fellowship has enabled award recipients to reach new audiences and to expand awareness of the importance of gender in philanthropy.

The fellowship is for emerging scholars who focus in the area of women's philanthropy or gender differences in philanthropic behavior. The fellowship is intended to support research and dissertation writing for those who are close to completing their dissertations. Applicants should be candidates for the Ph.D. degree at an accredited graduate school in the United States who have completed coursework and defended the dissertation proposal successfully.

For more on the program: https://bit.ly/2SuKqM0

For past winners (some of whom are historians), see https://bit.ly/2H7UN6r