Celebrating 25 Years of Service

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Dear friends,

This year we are celebrating twenty-five years of service by scholars, teachers, and students for scholars, teachers, and students to the humanities and social sciences. We own our servers and our members own their contributions. H-Net is a free, independent, nonprofit service creating valuable resources for researchers and educators, stored in a public, permanent archive while safeguarding the privacy of our subscribers. No algorithms, no data selling, no spam, no shouting. 

A journey into H-SAWH's past encounters many examples of the network’s vitality and service to the profession as this vibrant discussion of "Teaching the History of Southern Women" from 2005 shows. These kinds of contributions have helped to define H-Net over the years. We’ll be highlighting threads like these from our networks throughout the year as part of our HNet25 Throwback Thursday celebration on Facebook and Twitter.

We have big plans for the next twenty-five years. Podcasting. Peer-reviewed publications. Informal scholarship (conference papers and research drafts). Conference reports and interviews. And we've already begun! H-Net has partnered with the Organization of American Historians to record and host teaching focused panels and interviews from the OAH 2018 annual conference. We continue to encourage and support innovation in the digital humanities and social sciences through collaborative, moderated exchange that preserves the highest online scholarly standards. Towards those aims, H-Net is upgrading its servers and services to be more secure, faster, and independent.

Please support the value provided on H-SAWH and our other H-Net services by making a tax-deductible contribution at the Support H-Net page.  And join us over the year as we celebrate twenty-five years of remarkable contributions at the H-Net 25 Crossroads.

Thanks from all of us at H-Net!

H-SAWH was one of the first networks on H-Net. We began in 1996. I was one of the original editors. In the early years, we were full of discussions: Where could I find the papers of this person? How do you convince students about the realities of life for Southern women? It was a real scholarly community and I learned so much from so many.

Today, of course, there are other ways to find information, other ways to communicate with each other. But this forum can still be used, and not just for job ads and CFPs. Especially if you are into the Digital Humanities, H-SAWH can provide server space and technological instructions on how to use it. Take a look at the Kentucky Suffrage Project on H-Kentucky for a wonderful example of what can be done here.

If H-SAWH, or any other H-Net network, has helped you find a job, give a paper, or meet a mentor, please give back a little. Servers are expensive. ;-) Your editors and advisory board members are volunteers, doing scholarly service. But there are staff (many of them graduate students) at MSU who need to be paid to keep this running. H-Net is a registered non-profit educational organization so your donations are tax-deductible.

Please give. Even a little bit helps.

Thank you,
Jean Stuntz

Thank you, Jean Stuntz, for relaying the history of the long engagement of SAWH with H-Net. Although I am a relatively new member of SAWH, I try to support H-Net with contributions at least twice yearly. H-Net postings have helped me to establish a network of scholars working on similar projects and for a "newcomer" to a particularly area of research, building a network is vital. Do be generous in supporting H-Net!