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New Mexico, United States
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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

St. John’s College, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, invites applications for tenure-track faculty appointments and for one- and two-year teaching fellowships. The successful applicant will embrace St. John’s vision of a unified program of instruction in liberal education, anchored in reading of great books and integrating the liberal arts and natural science. Our faculty are drawn from many disciplines but united in a non-departmentalized community of learning in which they teach throughout our program, across disciplines, and outside of their areas of expertise. Our college remains committed to all classes being intimate and conversational (with fewer than 20 students) and taught by tenured or tenure-track faculty (we do enrich our community with a small group of visiting tutors and teaching fellows). Our faculty are learners as well as teachers, working together in a collegial community of shared study and collaboration. St. John’s is widely known and admired as “the great books college” and “the most contrarian college in America” (New York Times article, September 2018). This is an opportunity for applicants from any academic background to work with an impressively diverse and serious student community, to become intellectually omnivorous, and to expand the scope of the life of the mind to a degree without parallel in contemporary higher education.

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For more information on our college, on this opportunity, and on how to apply, please begin here: https://www.sjc.edu/santa-fe/offices-services/human-resources/faculty-applicants or contact the Dean’s Office at SantaFe.DeansOffice@sjc.edu or 505-984-6070.