Workshop: Discover DataScribe for transcribing historical structured data

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DataScribe ( is a new module for Omeka S, which enables the transcription of structured historical data into a format amenable for computational analysis. This summer we invite you to join us for a series of events to learn more about how to work with DataScribe.

We are offering two workshops which will cover creating a DataScribe project, setting up a dataset, transcribing with DataScribe, and reviewing transcriptions. Each workshop will run approximately 90 minutes, starting at 2pm EDT.

  • July 12: Creating Projects and Datasets in DataScribe
  • July 14: Transcription and Review with DataScribe
  • August 2: Creating Projects and Datasets in DataScribe
  • August 4: Transcription and Review with DataScribe

You can attend both workshops or just one. The July and August workshops will cover exactly the same content.

In addition, we are hosting a webinar on July 22 to talk about the process of creating DataScribe, how we’ve implemented in our own projects. We will also highlight some of the resources we’re creating - including case studies, tutorials, and lesson plans.

You can register for the workshops and webinar via this form. Zoom links will be sent to participants shortly before each event.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshops or webinar.

Megan R. Brett on behalf of the DataScribe team