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Re: Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Thank you, Jean Stuntz, for relaying the history of the long engagement of SAWH with H-Net. Although I am a relatively new member of SAWH, I try to support H-Net with contributions at least twice yearly. H-Net postings have helped me to establish a network of scholars working on similar projects and for a "newcomer" to a particularly area of research, building a network is vital. Do be generous in supporting H-Net!

Re: Celebrating 25 Years of Service

H-SAWH was one of the first networks on H-Net. We began in 1996. I was one of the original editors. In the early years, we were full of discussions: Where could I find the papers of this person? How do you convince students about the realities of life for Southern women? It was a real scholarly community and I learned so much from so many.

Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Dear friends,

This year we are celebrating twenty-five years of service by scholars, teachers, and students for scholars, teachers, and students to the humanities and social sciences. We own our servers and our members own their contributions. H-Net is a free, independent, nonprofit service creating valuable resources for researchers and educators, stored in a public, permanent archive while safeguarding the privacy of our subscribers. No algorithms, no data selling, no spam, no shouting. 


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