Staff listing for the H-Kentucky network

System AdministratoreditorH-NetUser profile
Randolph Hollingswortheditor, review editorhome -- living the high life in Auckland, New ZealandUser profile
Pattie Dillon advisory boardUser profile
Enid Wohlsteinmoderator, advisory boardKentucky Virtual LibraryUser profile
Douglas Cantrelladvisory boardElizabethtown Community and Technical CollegeUser profile
Lorie Maltbyadvisory boardHenderson Community CollegeUser profile
Eugenia K Potterteaching resourcesKy Woman SuffrageUser profile
Megan Mummeyadvisory boardUser profile
Patrick Lewisadvisory boardFilson Historical SocietyUser profile
Allison Huntadvisory boardduPont Manual High SchoolUser profile
Melissa A. McEuenteaching resourcesTransylvania UniversityUser profile
Karen C. McDanielteaching resourcesUser profile
Kathy Kernteaching resourcesUser profile
Tracy K'Meyerteaching resourcesUser profile
Andrew PatrickeditorUniversity of Kentucky User profile
David Turpieadvisory boardKentucky Historical SocietyUser profile
Kristen Dawsonteaching resourcesUser profile
Marsha Weinsteinteaching resourcesUser profile
Deirdre Scaggsteaching resourcesUser profile
Joanna Lile teaching resourcesKentucky Woman Suffrage ProjectUser profile
Paul Tenkotteteaching resourcesUser profile
Cody Fosterreview editorIndiana University SoutheastUser profile