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Fourth Annual KERA Convention

The fourth annual KERA Convention is held in Liederkranz Hall in Louisville.  Officers include Laura Clay (President), Mary Barr Clay (1 st Vice President), Hon. W.R. Ramsey (2 nd Vice President), ... Kentucky Equal Rights Association, Laura Clay, Mary Barr Clay, Hon. W.R. Ramsey, Caroline A. Leech, Eugenia ...

Thirtieth Annual KERA Convention

made up of Elise Bennett Smith, Sallie Clay Bennett, Alice B. Castleman, and Sallie M. Hubbard is also ... Henry Clay and also the childhood home of Madeline McDowell Breckinridge, great-granddaughter of Henry Clay. On the 8 th, celebrations continue as a group of KERA members return to Frankfort to watch ...