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Henrietta Earle "Ettie" Bronston Chenault (1835-1918)

Laura Clay, nationally prominent suffragist and women’s rights advocate, to form the Fayette County ... parlor, Mary Jane Warfield Clay wrote to her daughter, Laura Clay, that, “Dr. Chenault is considerably ... People and Practices. 2 nd ed. Bloomington, IN:  iUniverse, 2012. Fuller, Paul E. Laura Clay and the ...

Virginia Robb McDowell (1874-1958): Louisville Artist and Suffragist

group led by Laura Clay, however, joined suffragists from other Southern states in opposing the Anthony ... September 4-10, 1916. New York: NAWSA, 1916.   Fuller, Paul E. Laura Clay and the Women’s Rights Movement. ... Suffrage Project, Laura Clay, KERA, Kentucky Equal Rights Association, Woman Suffrage Association of ...