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Mary Jane Warfield Clay- portrait c1863

, Jr. (1843- 1843)   Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. (1845- 1857)   Brutus Junius Clay (1847- 1932)   Laura ... Teaching Material, Resources Tab, Roundup, KY Woman Biosketch, Teaching, H-Net Commons Clay, Mary ... Jane photograph. Circa 1863. Box 3, Folder 11. Image number 0010-006-08 Cassius M. Clay Collection. ...

Jennie Angell Mengel (1882-1934) Louisville Suffragist and Educator

hosting state-wide conventions. A controversy among Kentuckians pitted the veteran suffrage crusader Laura ... Clay and her allies, who insisted that suffrage was a state rather than a federal issue, against others ... important role in persuading the KERA, over Clay’s objections, to place increasing emphasis on federal ...