Kentucky Woman Suffrage Timeline - how to submit an entry

An entry to the Kentucky Woman Suffrage timeline ( is a special kind of discussion post submitted to H-Kentucky for the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project. To submit a timeline entry, follow these steps:


  1. Make sure you are logged in to H-Net and subscribed to H-Kentucky (see directions on the H-Kentucky network for step-by-step directions).
  2. Make sure your H-Net profile includes your name and institution or organization affiliation.

Next, from the home page for H-Kentucky (, click the button labeled "start a discussion." This opens a discussion box. 

Now input the title and then the text you want for the timeline entry. In the Categories section, the H-Kentucky network editor will need to include "Network Projects" "Research Resources" and "KYSuffragetimeline" along with any other categories they see fit to include. For keywords, "Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project" is required, but other than that you can use whatever and as many keywords as you see fit for the entry. We are building up a bank of suffragist's names, so please include names in the keywords.

Next you need to scroll down and check the box labeled "Related Date." If your entry is a one day event, just use the calendar function to select the date you need. If it is more than one day, you will need to click the box labeled "end date" and then input the beginning and end dates using the calendar feature. Once those dates are in, scroll down and click the "preview" button and review what the discussion will look like. You can at this point make any changes you think are needed. Once you are satisfied with the entry, click "submit to editor" which will submit your entry for review and posting.