Contribute to the Kentucky Suffrage Trail!

Help us identify Kentucky’s suffrage sites and connect with a nation-wide Suffrage History Digital Map being developed by National Collaboration for Women's Historical Sites. The Votes for Women National Trail features the buildings, sites, historical markers, and monuments where women's suffrage activity took place in the United States before 1920.

Please log in and add your contribution to our "Kentucky Woman Suffrage Trail" (use the form below) and we will make sure it gets sent to the national database. If you are not a subscriber to H-Kentucky, you can send your entry to us via email at This new annotated map and digital archive will help others find the buildings and sites in Kentucky where women and men fought for women’s right to vote.

NOTE: You can include a “site” as well as a building. The national “Votes for Women Trail” group defines a building to be a physical structure that has a permanent address still existing. A site might be a parade route or a local park that was used by suffragists to further their cause. It may not have a specific address, but we will want to have the GPS coordinates to put it on our digital map.

Only by working together can we make the Kentucky woman suffrage timeline and trail a reality. See what we’ve got so far by viewing the contributions already up (anyone can view, but you need to become a subscriber to the H-Kentucky network to contribute).

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