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Recent Content

Celebrate Lexington call for authors of children's picture books or graphic novels

Celebrate Lexington! is launching a new program promoting local authors, Lexington/Fayette County Parks, and literacy during the summer of 2023. Three Book Trails are planned in local parks, with signage in each made up of pages from a children's book by a local author. Each Book Trail will consist of 18 double signs and distributed 25' apart along trails in three separate existing parks. During the summer, trail signage will rotate between parks.

Kentucky Woman Suffrage Lane in Frankfort - campaign led by Women Suffragist Centennial Chorus

KY Woman Suffrage

Did you know that Frankfort activists are building a "Kentucky Woman Suffrage Lane" with street banners?

Sylvia Coffey of the Women Suffragist Centennial Chorus wrote to tell us that they have been working on this since 2019. They have nine banners so far (click on the name to read the suffragist's KWSP biosketch):