ANN: Fund for the Arts, 2022 Sustaining Impact Grants

Louisville’s Fund for the Arts announced recipients of its 2022 Sustaining Impact Grants (SIG). A total investment of $3.16 million was made to 28 local arts institutions.

Andre Kimo Stone Guess, President and CEO of Fund for the Arts said, “while Louisville’s diverse arts and culture ecosystem continues to adapt and recover from the impact of COVID-19, we are committed to providing crucial resources to arts institutions of all sizes, disciplines, and missions.”

Re: Frankfort Suffrage Women Cemetery Project

Congratulations to the Frankfort Suffrage Women Cemetery Project members!  A donation of $10,000 has been given to the Frankfort Cemetery to support the project to identify and honor suffrage leaders buried in the Frankfort Cemetery. Bronze medallions, designed by Sallie Clay Lanham, great granddaughter of Mary Barr Clay, have been placed at the gravesites of twenty-five women and men buried in the Frankfort Cemetery.

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