Civil War Governors of Kentucky Site Launch

“The history of this stupendous rebellion is yet to be written, and [to] be written in all truthfulness, the future historian must look to the public archives among which he will find the evidences of outrages committed on both sides,” wrote George C. Hallet of Fulton County, Kentucky, in the midst of the Civil War.*

ANN: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Goes to Washington

Press release from Eduardo Nino-Moreno, Executive Director for The Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship:

Institutions representing two of Kentucky’s most important gifts to the nation – Bourbon whiskey and famed statesman Henry Clay – announced today they have united to dramatically reprise a tradition going back two centuries to “lubricate the wheels of government,” and remind leaders in the capital of the value of negotiation and compromise.

ANN: Inductees into the 2015 Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame

News Release: The Carnegie Center is proud to announce the six inductees for 2015 into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame, including the Hall's first living writer Wendell Berry. In addition to Berry, this year's class includes Guy Davenport, Elizabeth Hardwick, Jim Wayne Miller, Effie Waller Smith & Hunter S. Thompson.  

Searching for Oral History Transcribers

Good afternoon all! Does anyone on the list have resources or lists of qualified oral history transcribers? The Kentucky Derby Museum is searching for a transcriber for a potential grant project. You may reply to me personally at cgoodlett@derbymuseum.org if you wish. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Chris Goodlett

Kentucky Derby Museum


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