Re: Dr. Mary Walker at Work On the Field

I'll dig through my files to see if I can find it, but a quick search reveals that several books (the one the thread is referencing as well as at least one modern book) reference her as a first lieutenant. She obviously was not a first lieutenant, and to the best of my recollection she was the source of the claim. She wrote the War Dept.

Emily P. Beeler, 1860-1943: Louisville Kindergarten Principal and Suffragist

Emily P. Beeler was born in 1860, probably in Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky, the daughter of Christopher and Mary E. Beeler. Emily Beeler became a kindergarten teacher, perhaps because she aspired not only to teach children, but also to lead an independent, autonomous, and useful life as a single woman.

Congratulations to Paul Runyon on his new book about the Mentelles!

Just saw this notice come by about the fabulous new book from University Press of Kentucky— using his own translations from French of the letters among the fascinating Mentelle family...

The Mentelles: Mary Todd Lincoln, Henry Clay, and the Immigrant Family Who Educated Antebellum Kentucky

by Randolph Paul Runyon

Kentucky Oral History Commission Grants

The Kentucky Oral History Commission grant programs offer monetary, equipment and training grants to assist amateur or professional oral historians with oral history research projects on topics of particular significance to Kentucky. These grants encourage statewide participation in the collection and preservation of historically valuable interviews.

Kentucky History Awards

The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) sponsors the Kentucky History Awards to recognize outstanding achievements by historians, public history professionals, volunteers, business and civic leaders, communities and historical organizations throughout the commonwealth.


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