Call for volunteer judges for National History Day events in Kentucky

Randolph Hollingsworth (she/her) Discussion

Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) is recruiting volunteer judges for National History Day events in Kentucky. There are two ways to participate

  • onsite at one of the six regional contests, or
  • virtually from the comfort of your own home.

What is National History Day in Kentucky (NHDKy)? NHDKy is a project based learning program where students compete in various categories. Competitions take place regionally across Kentucky, in a statewide competition, and nationally for state level winners. This process allows students to explore the doing of history rather than simply reciting historical facts.

Judging Basics: Assist students of all ages by providing critical feedback on their projects. Assessments are made based on category, age range, group size, and historical accuracy.

KHS will give the judges training and a rulebook for guidance on scoring the work and making valuable remarks. Judges will work as a team to rank projects for the next round of competition.

Teachers may earn up to three hours of professional development credit by participating as a judge. For judging you will receive exclusive judge gifts and in-person judges will be fed.

For more information visit: Or sign up at:

If you have any questions or need more information please contact, NHDKy Coordinator Tyler McDaniel (