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Announcing the H-Net Book Channel, a new book announcement service on the H-Net Commons.

H-Net proudly introduces the H-Net Book Channel, the latest service provided to our family of over 180 networks, and the academic publishing community at large.

You can find the new site at:

The Book Channel is a new book announcement service from H-Net. A work in progress, we are continually importing new publisher catalogs to help readers stay informed. Visit daily to find new lists of recently published academic titles sorted by discipline. Don't see your book or press? Please be patient, we are working on it! Browse the full lists of daily categories and publishers.

Follow us on Twitter @HNetBookChannel or get it touch at

Launching in Spring 2016, editorial content on the H-Net Book Channel will add scholarly perspectives to new book announcements. Click here to read more.

Like all H-Net networks, the H-Net Book Channel is moderated by editors who maintain academic standards and practice.  Questions about editorial practice can be directed to the editors at

Yelena Kalinsky, Associate Director and Managing Editor of Reviews, H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online

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Caleb Owen, Michigan State University

To learn more about the H-Net Book Channel, visit:

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All H-Net Book Channel content is freely accessible at  A free account and subscription are required in order to receive discussion posts by email.  For assistance with creating accounts and managing subscriptions on the H-Net Commons:

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