Seeking Women Writers for African American Horse Stories

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The International Museum of the Horse is creating a new website, the Chronicle of African Americans in the Horse Industry. We are seeking women writers to create non-fiction content for this digital history platform. 


We are in the process of applying for funding to support women writers who would further the goals of the project. These goals include increasing the amount, quality, and accessibility of African American history and increasing the understanding of the diversity of the horse industry.


We are particularly interested in providing a platform for Kentucky-based writers who are women of color with an interest in the equine area. At this phase, we are primarily working with local non-fiction, history-based writers and local content. Soon, the website will be launched and we will expand the reach nationwide.


Would you be able to recommend any writers who I could reach out to, to gauge their interest in writing pieces for the site? 


You may also forward this email to your contacts. Anyone interested may contact me at the email or phone # below. Preference for inclusion with our grant proposal will be given to those who reply by Wednesday, February 26.


Thank you for your time,




Karen Lanier

Digital Project Manager

International Museum of the Horse
4089 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511