Kentucky Federation of Labor Endorses Woman Suffrage

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The Kentucky Federation of Labor meets in Lexington in January 1911, and on January 10th hears from representatives from KERA and various county Equal Rights Associations. The assembly heard speeches from Dean Irene T. Myers (historian and dean of women, Transylvania University), Dean Anna Hamilton (English professor and dean of women at the University of Kentucky), Miss Linda Neville (president of Fayette Equal Rights Association), Maud Ward (Mrs. W.T.) Lafferty (historian and member of the Fayette Equal Rights Association), Mrs. Mary C. Cramer (of Lexington and KERA Vice President), Mrs. Norah B. Taylor (of Lexington), Mrs. Mary G. Morton (of Lexington), Madeline McDowell (Mrs. Desha) Breckinridge (Ky. Federation of Women's Clubs) and Miss Laura Clay (President of KERA). Major F.C. Leaming presented a resolution:

"Resolved, That we affirm our allegiance to the American Federation of Labor in its repeated declarations in favor of Suffrage for women on equal terms with men, as necessary to their economic independence in all branches of labor; and we pledge the aid of the Legislative Committee of the Federation to work for a State law giving women the right of Suffrage."

The resolution was supported by speeches from delegates Carl Bolander, John Schneider, John B. Gamble, and T.J. Smith. The resolution passed by a unanimous vote.


Forty-Third Annual Report of the National-American Woman Suffrage Association Given at the Convention held at Louisville, KY. October 19 to 25 Inclusive, (New York: NAWSA, 1912): 119.

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